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Flair model

Flair model

3S Model of Business Strategy


Warehouse Purchase Order Management, Invoice Issuance, Collecting, Packing and Repacking and Delivery To be able to support our more than ten thousand clients, including hospitals, clinics, drug stores and modern trades, we apply information technology to manage the system, giving our clients the opportunities to track the services since the beginning: purchase order management, invoice issuance, packing and safe delivery to the clients. Our partners can check their inventories and latest sales reports for further analysis and planning, resulting in making a swift decision ahead of the competition.


Quick and easy to start business for our partners with our management services necessary for the business.


We offer information on a variety of financing sources for the business and relatively low investment and manage liquidity according to the situation.

& Regulation

We offer legal services for business such as registration of patents, trademarks,and trade names products registration as well as permit application.


We utilize information technology to improve management effectiveness.

Our partners will be able to get hold of the latest information on inventories, track delivery orders, and receive latest sales report, which will enable them to analyze and make a decision correctly and swiftly.Resource: We offer Human Resources management, including job application, training, and remuneration in order to foster capacities and expertise in order to manage any jobs assigned, according to corporate objectives.

Synergistic Partner

We offer OEM services for pharmaceutical and healthcare products by our certified plant with GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, TLS 8001, ISO/IEC17025, ISO22000, HACCP, ISO45001 standards, along with Thai FDA quality awards. We are also pleased to collaborate with our business alliances to distribute our quality products.