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Natural extract for scar

Natural extract for scar

Natural extract for scar
Scar is one among major skin problems that most people concerned. Skincare products company try to find the ingredients that can get rid of scar. So far, after study we have found that some of natural extract can help us with this problem.
Centella asiatica extract
Asian plant that has asiatic acid, madecassic acid, and asiaticoside, helps promote type 1 collagen that abundant in skin which help
prevent and heal hypotrophic scar such as scar from acne. It also prevents inflammation that cause hypertrophic scar. No wonder that we can find many skincare and scar product that contains Centella asiatica extract.
Allium cepa extract
Onion or Allium cepa is a plant that has history since ancient Egypt. It was worshipped, and its concentric circles were seen as symbols of eternal life. Its extract promotes blood flow to skin which helps stimulate collagen production. Thus, it reduced the deepest of scar and brighten skin.
Paper mulberry extract
Paper mulberry extract contains natural whitening substances such as Kazinol A, Kazinol E and Kazinol F, which helps to brighten the skin. It helps brighten the dark mark which can be found in many types of scar such as acne scar.

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