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To manage an organization sustainably in a fierce competition environment locally
and internationally, especially when the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)
will become effective in 2015, it is necessary for our organization to have
good management in three aspects:

To Create

a balanced satisfaction for all stakeholders, that is, consumers, clients, creditors, employees and shareholders.

To Come Up

with products and services that can meet consumers’ demands better that those of the competitors, which means that
the organizationmust invest in research and development to continually create value-added innovations

To Manage

systematically and effectively so that the organization will reach our goal. We will improve quality system continually
in order to increase effectiveness, build a good governance system to augment our image and credibility.
Moreover, we will encourage personnel development in order to improve work efficiency
and be ready for challenges and incoming opportunities. We take social responsibility and
environmental concerns serious by to narrow down social gap and make a better society.
Having these aspects in mind, our organization has developed the following business strategies in order to sustainably strengthen the corporate growth.
Increase funds for research and development in order to create products and services innovations, resulting in augmenting clients’ satisfaction and increasing sales profits. Satisfy existing clients and expand new client base, especially clientswithin ASEAN Economic Community, in order to strengthen the organization and reduce risks. Improve work efficiency by changing work processes and developing a better quality system. Organize personnel training and development courses for new challenges and opportunities. Foster corporate social responsibility and environmental concerns in order to make a better society.